Your time will come

Success does not happen overnight. You cannot become a millionaire overnight. The only exception would be if you’ve won the lottery. But that would only make you a lucky person.

The 21st century has become all about taking life for granted and believing that you could get your work done instantaneously. Social media and technology is revolutionizing everything that was ever built on Earth. It is a good factor for life only if you do not become a victim of it.

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The beginning of anything is always important. Just as the beginning of a day, month, week is important, the beginning of a year is extremely important. This gives you the opportunity to start new. It can help you correct your mistakes from last year and start working towards your goals. And if you follow the below steps carefully, it can set the tone for a great year ahead. Continue reading

Monday Motivation

The beginning of anything is very important. This is true about the start of each week as much as it is true about any good deed that you plan to start. Being at office or going to work and sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours is a long and unhealthy task that will make you feel bored, but if you start your week by doing a few workouts it will pump blood around your entire body and keep you motivated and energetic through the whole day.


Chase it until you win it

If you have a dream, chase it. Don’t let anything stop you from getting what makes you happy. When you are pulled down, stand up strong once more and without any hesitance, start chasing your dream again. Your dream is what keeps you alive, so you care about your life, work hard and make it work. Don’t let the demons catch you. Play like you’re playing with fire but play it safe. Wake up early morning each day with your dream in the back of your mind. And chase your dream everyday till you grab hold of it. And when you’ve caught it, make sure to keep it safe and protect it for generations to come.

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5 Daily Habits to Improve Life

Growing up is extremely difficult. It’s a treacherous task. It’s full of risks and filled with many things that we hate doing. And unless we have made that task a habit we will hate doing it no matter how important it is to us. In order to lead a good life while growing up, it is important to create good habits. The five habits listed below will help you maintain good health and also feel good about yourself while maintaining a good relationship with family and friends.

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And one day, we left our classes and never returned

Thirty-five and we are full, even on gloomy days we kill the dull.
Thirty-five voices echo when we sit, thirty five chairs cry when we leave.
In a box we all have lived, for thirteen years till we strive.
If these doors and walls could speak, they would whisper our little secrets.
Yet little do they know, we will miss them when we go.


We hate good byes. We hate the good byes that come directly to us but we are somehow a little better with goodbyes that come unprepared. All of us have hated school for at least once in our lives. We have had moments where we wished we never went back to school the next Monday. How good would it have been to not have gone to school for thirteen years? To stay home and relax, play Clash of Clans on our phones and watch Game of Thrones every night till we are bored with it and then somehow wish that our bank accounts at the same time have a value longer than our phone numbers. But the world does not work that way. Going to school is mandatory. And though I hate to admit it now, I think it’s wonderful. And now I somehow feel glad that school was a compulsory thing. But with every day that passes by, we are ever so close to saying never seeing our schools ever again because as you grow older you have more responsibilities to carry. And these responsibilities limit you from doing certain things and being in certain places whenever you want. The last good bye at school will not mean anything to you until you’ve grown another couple of years older after leaving school. And that is when you’ll actually feel the value of what you left behind in your heart. Strange as it may seem, while you’re at school wanting to get out of it, there’s a lot of elderly people out there who just wish they could go back to school.

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A moment for yourself

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you find yourself staring at things? Have you stared at your computer screen for minutes before your eyes turn blurry? Have you stared at the horizon wondering what could be beyond it? Have you stared at the stars and the moon and said to yourself that you wished you were up there instead of being down here on Earth? Have you ever watched the rain fall on the window sill and realized that just like the rain would stop, your life would one day stop? Have you ever given a moment to yourself to appreciate the things you have done? Have you ever given a moment to yourself to know yourself? I have.

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Don’t rely on someone else. If they let you down, you let your life down. Stand up for yourself. Believe in yourself. Know in your heart that if it’s going to happen, it’s up to you to make it happen and not for anyone outside your goals.19Jul2016